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Sending sympathy flowers to a grieving family is a difficult thing to do. When you receive the sad news about the loss of someone you know and care, you want to send your condolences to a grieving family. There are many ways to express your condolences. Sending flowers is one thing you would think of.  But you will find it very hard to choose flowers for a sympathy occasion. A lot of people struggle with what kind of flowers they should send and even what to write on the card.

We have listed some questions you might want to ask someone regarding sympathy flowers and answered them based on our experiences.

Should I send flowers to the family?

Sending flowers with a heart-warming message will be a comforting gesture to the grieving family.  So, it is a great idea to send flowers or plants to the family to express your heartfelt condolences.

What kind of flowers do you send for sympathy?

Colour choice for sympathy flowers can vary in tones from neutral palettes of whites and greens to soft pastels or brighter hues.  If you know the favourite colour or flower of the person who passed away, good to mention to the florist to include in the arrangement. It will be a nice touch to show the family you knew the deceased and remember the person well.

Another thing you should consider is their religious and cultural backgrounds. For certain culture, white flowers, especially chrysanthemum, are considered as funeral flowers. Sending red or colourful flowers for this occasion would be a bad choice. 

If you are not sure about their cultural backgrounds, it is best to stick to a white and soft colour scheme.


What’s the difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers?

Generally speaking, funeral flowers go to the funeral home or the funeral service and sympathy flowers can go anywhere you specify.

Funeral flowers provide decoration and serve as a tribute to the deceased. Funeral flowers are often formal and bigger. Choose the flowers in full bloom and they will look best in a funeral home and at graveside services. Funeral flowers are usually not addressed to a particular loved one of the deceased but are intended, instead, as a way to pay respect to the deceased themselves.

These are the flower arrangements you can send for funeral service;


White wreath

White wreath


White sympathy bouquet


Sympathy flowers are usually directly addressed to a loved one of the deceased. Sympathy flowers are sent directly to any family member, friend, acquaintance who has suffered a recent loss. Send the flowers which will look good and last a while at home or office. Plants are also a great choice as a sympathy gift because they provide a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness and serve as a keepsake in memory of the recipient’s loved one.

These are the selection of our sympathy arrangements;

Soft colour sympathy bouquet

Soft Touch


Dozen White Rose sympathy Bouquet

Dozen White Rose Bouquet



What to write on the card?

If you are not sure what to write on a card, just keep it simple. Remember that the most important thing is to show that you care and express your condolences.

We have listed a few short funeral flower messages below;

  • Forever in our thoughts.
  • Thinking of you always.
  • You will be sorely missed.
  • May you rest in peace.
  • With love and fond memories.

Sympathy message can include these short messages

  • Thinking of you at this difficult time.
  • We are so sorry for your loss.
  • With the deepest sympathy.
  • Our thoughts go out to you.


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