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Cyclamen plants are one of the most popular house-plant. People love cyclamen because their flowers are so beautiful and bloom for a while.
The flowers usually bloom from April to spring. Many colours are available from white to pink, red and mauve.
It is generally easy to grow, but if you don’t maintain it right, you might have a problem with it.
When you have a problem with your plant, the first step is to find out what caused the problem.
The problem can vary; not enough water or too much water, amount of sunlight and disease.
Your next step will be based on the findings from the first step.
Once you fix the problem, the plant may come back healthy again.
In this blog, we want to show you how we’ve revived the cyclamen plant that suffers from a lack of water.

Picture 1 shows that the cyclamen looks very dried. But there are some new growths at the bottom, which means it is still alive.
The plant felt very light with a lot of wilted leaves. The first thing we did was to get rid of all the yellow leaves.
Once the leaves turn yellow, you have to make sure to get rid of them.
Because yellow leaves still take nutrition from the plant. Then soaked the plant in deep water. (Picture 2)

Picture 3 shows that the plant has recovered partially from the thirst on the next day. The leaves firmed up and some flowers have revived.

After five days (Picture 4), new leaves at the bottom look healthy.

After two weeks (Picture 5), the plant looks much healthier but still has some yellow leaves. Once the leaves start changing to yellow, they can’t reverse back to green leaves. Your only option is to get rid of them.

After one month (picture 6), the plant has more new leaves and flowers.

Just remember, you will need the patience to revive the plant. It might take a lot longer than you expect to revive it. But when it does revive back, you will feel rewarded.

We hope you find this blog- How to revive cyclamen plant- informative.



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