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Australian native flowers are increasingly popular nowadays in Australia and worldwide.

So, why people like our Australian native flowers?

  • Native flowers create a very distinctive feature in the arrangement.
  • They vary in colour and texture.
  • The longevity of native flowers gives you more value for money.
  • You can dry some native flowers and keep them permanently.
  • You can send native flowers for any occasion.
  • They are non-gender flowers; People have a perception of flowers are for female. That is why it’s hard to choose flowers for male. Native flowers are non-gender flowers and a great choice to send to male.
  • Great for Australian style wedding bouquet- You can use native flowers if you want the Australian style natural-looking bouquet.

What are the most popular Australian natives?


The banksia has earthy colours from light brown to dark brown. Some of them have yellow and red. There are so many different types of banksia available as cut flowers. People often get confused with protea and banksia, the most visible difference is protea petals open over time, but banksia stays the same shape. Also, proteas are native to southern Africa.


The waratah has a striking appearance. They are bold and gorgeous. Waratah is a New South Wales floral emblem. Red waratah is the most popular but pink and white waratah are also high in demand.

Kangaroo Paw

The Kangaroo paw is a symbol of Western Australia. The name originated from a shape resemblance of the paw of a Kangaroo. Their unique flowers add a beautiful texture in the floral arrangement.

Geraldton Wax/Waxflower

They look like baby’s breath, but these are our native flowers. They have small and cute flowers. Wax flowers do a similar job of baby’s breath, but they create a more modern look. Also, wax flowers last longer than a baby’s breath. Hybrid waxes come in a variety of hues and extended flowering season.


The eucalyptus tree is one of the most iconic symbols of the Australian native environment. Their silvery leaves add a subtle texture in a floral arrangement. They also have a soothing fragrance. Eucalyptus leaves are versatile. You can mix with other flowers but on its own also a great decoration. You can keep them as dried flowers.


The golden wattle is our national floral emblem, displays the national colours of green and gold. Their bright yellow flowers are perfect to add that classic native flower look to any bouquet or arrangement. Wattle flowers are available in the springtime.


The bottlebrush is also an iconic native flower. It has a unique brush shape with its bright red flower. It is a good addition to the floral arrangement with other native flowers to make it brighter.


With the rise of natural look in fashion and floral arrangements, the Australian native flowers fit in perfectly in the new trend. Their natural and rustic look is absolutely stunning. There are so many different native flowers available for your needs, and we are happy to help you to choose the right flowers for you.

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