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pink peony in the garden

Peony is often referred to as the King or Queen of Flowers. They are one of the largest flowers in nature. These feminine and fluffy blooms never get out of trend. Even a stem of peony in the vase will be gorgeous and elegant. They also carry a symbolic meaning of good fortune and a happy marriage, that is why peony is an ideal wedding flower. The peony is also the 12th wedding anniversary flower.

What colours are available?

Peonies are available in almost every colour except blue. But only a few colours available as cut flowers in Australia.

The most common colours are pink and white.  But red, brown, purplish-pink and coral colours are also available.

Peonies bloom from late spring to early summer. In the Australian calendar, they bloom from the end of October to early December. But depending on the weather condition, they might start earlier or later. If you want peonies at the beginning of the season and end of the season, you need to consider this factor. Check with the florist, if they are available.

Does peony have a fragrance?

Not all of them have a strong scent, but some have a smell that will take your breath away.  Generally, pink and white colours have a stronger fragrance compare to other colours.

How long do peonies last as cut flowers?

We all wish to enjoy these flowers forever. But unfortunately, they will only last 5-7 days as cut flowers. Before putting in a vase, make sure to cut the stems about 2 cm and change the water every 2 days. This might help them last a bit longer.

What flowers can we mix with peonies?

You can mix with any flowers together.

  • Delicate look-Mix with roses and hydrangeas
  • Stronger fragrance-Mix with oriental lilies
  • Bright and colourful-Mix with sunflowers and native flowers

Can we buy peony in winter?

During the winter, imported peonies available. But they are more expensive and quality-wise not as good as local peonies.
So, this is the best time to send peonies for someone. Let’s enjoy our local peonies when they are available.

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