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We listed 5 ideas on how to use rose petals for you. Before scattering rose petals around, just think about your plan and make sure you have enough rose petals for your design.

If you are staying at the hotel, there might be some restrictions with using rose petals, because it can stain the carpet and the bed cover. Some hotels, for this reason, will only allow white rose petals to be used. It might be a better idea to inquire with the hotel you plan on staying at before ordering them. They will give you guidance on what you can do.


5 ideas on how to use rose petals


  1. Decorate on the bed –This is one of the most romantic ways to use rose petals.  You can simply scatter around on the bed or scatter the rose petals in the shape of a love heart.  The rose petals can be used to write a message which has a special meaning for you both. A simple “I Love you” or if you are proposing   “Will you marry me?”
  2. Create a trail – In addition to decorating the bed with rose petals, make a trail leading from the front door to the bedroom. You can decorate with candles or balloons together like in the movies.
  3. Fill inside a gift box – Put a gift inside a box and fill up with rose petals.
  4. Decorate the table – For a romantic candlelit dinner at home or restaurant, scatter rose petals over the table.
  5. Bathroom decoration– Scatter some petals on the bathroom floor and in the bathtub.

These are just general ideas on what you can do with rose petals. End of the day,  you can create whatever you like.  The most important thing is to express your true love to your special person.





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